Six Sales Tactics Which Need to Go Away

BMoe (Brad Moore)
7 min readJul 8, 2022

Get outta my face

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It may surprise many sales and marketing people to learn that some sales tactics are offensive. I’m not talking about obvious offense, such as how “sex sells” is offensive to a group of people, but rather how the manipulation of potential customers is viewed by some people to be downright…slimy.

I have learned that not all people feel the way I do. Obviously, if I was in the majority these tactics wouldn’t work. I find, however, that there are so many blatantly manipulative techniques that turn off someone such as myself it’s amazing we buy anything at all.

These “no-nos” cover both corporate and retail sales.

Here is a list of offensive practices, in no particular order

Stupid Titles For Sales People: (e.g. Customer Success Manager)

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Think about it: How arrogant is it that Acme Corporation thinks that they have someone who is going to manage my success? This is a stupid title, and many of your customers (not just neurodivergent ones like myself) groan inwardly when someone announces themselves as such.

Truly, I tell you, it sounds stupid.

Stupid Promotions: Everyone is a VP of Sales

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I don’t know if this problem is more specific to technology sales, but a pattern was established in the early 2000’s where, in order to attract new sales professionals (and, by extension, their client lists) everyone was promised a sexy new title.

How long has it been since I’ve sat down with a tech sales person who wasn’t a Vice President of Sales, or similar?

I remember working for a value-added reseller (VAR) for a year and laughing at this trend. I was told, “we need the customer to feel special. Every account representative (“customer success managers” weren’t mainstream, yet) needs to be a VP so…



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