My Favorite Salary Negotiation Strategy

BMoe (Brad Moore)
4 min readJun 14, 2022

If you already have a job, this is a “must do.” If you don’t, It can still help.

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I stumbled upon a salary negotiation trick two decades ago which I’ve had the fortune of honing for the benefit of and through some of the people I mentor. They’ve used it both for job-hopping (looking for a job when already employed) and for coming out of unemployment successfully.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had used it for myself at least three times in the last two decades.

As with most salary and benefit negotiations you have more leverage if you are already employed, but this technique can be used in any salary negotiation scenario, as you will see.

Simply put, when you give HR (or the recruiter or hiring manager) your salary requirements, they should follow these two guidelines:

  • It should be a number which is high enough that you will NOT give your current employer a chance to counter
  • It should be a number which you are happy with, and will (to yourself) commit at least one year to the new company with

You can forego the first one, but it puts you at the risk of sacrificing your credibility. If you are job hunting just to get two employers into a bidding war, then this isn’t the ideal solution.

Now, with these requirements in place, here’s the magic. When you give them your desired salary you add, “for this salary, I give my current employer two weeks notice, no chance to counter. Anything less, and I have a decision to make.”

If you aren’t currently employed, you can add something like, “this salary meets my needs, and ensures that I’m not on the market. If any other offers arise, this salary keeps me here.”

For now.

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This works for 6+ figure salaries and hourly wage jobs. Here’s an example:

She was anxious to get out of her current situation which involved more travel than she wanted, and some business stability issues concerned her.



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