In Pursuit of a Promotion

BMoe (Brad Moore)
3 min readOct 12, 2022

Apparently, by doing nothing.

Re JECT ed. Man in toga offers flower to another man in a toga, who rejects it.
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“Why didn’t I get this promotion?”

No, that’s not me asking that question. That’s my “competition.”

Not that we were competing.

They had expressed interest to the leadership team that theywanted to run a larger department. Meanwhile, I had been turning down opportunities to consolidate other departments into my own.

On the surface, we were very comparable.

Both nearing the sunset of our careers.

Both outgoing personalities whom everyone likes (though I’m a closet introvert…I just mask it well when needed).

Both “do-ers” who get things done.

Both already experienced leaders.

So why me and not them?

A post it note with the word “Done” being written on it.
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The mistake of the “get it done” personality

When something needs to be done, they do it. You can hand it off to Tracey, and they will do it.

“Tracey” and I are peers (for another day or two). When people ask Tracey if something was done, Tracey inevitably responds with, “yes, I…



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